1.  Click ‘Create Kegs’ in the software and select the Size and Amount of Keg’s to be entered (max 100 per time). You will receive a list of created Keg ID’s via text and email confirming they’re registered w/ the software corresponding to the size and amount entered.

We recommend saving the Distribrewtion phone number in your phone contacts for fast and easy text updates.  

2.  Locate the numbered Keg ID stickers provided to match the Keg ID’s created (Example- Keg ID’s ‘XX00001’, ‘XX00002’, ‘XX00003’). We recommend you place 4 stickers on each keg after they have been washed and are dry for the best sticking results. This will avoid moving full kegs around to access each Keg ID in the future.

Recommended location of stickers: top, bottom, front and back of keg.

3.  ‘Keg Status’ updates can be performed on a computer, text message or email. If you choose to send keg status updates via email, please ‘Compose a New’ email addressed to Distribrewtion for each update.  

For fastest ‘Keg Status’ updates use a computer or text message.



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